Jerome_Lacote Spotlight

  • Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

    I designed the gane Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood. It's one of the top growing social games on Facebook. I specifically worked on the User Interface to produce an engaging experience, develop the virality and players monetization. This game has been released worldwide in June 2012.
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  • Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

    I worked with Activision on the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon movie game. It is a prequel of the Michael Bay movie, it features the most iconic characters from the Transformers franchise. I specifically designed and implemented the User Interface using Scaleform and the Clik components. This game has been released in July 2011.
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  • First 29er handmade in the USA by JayTheHill himself

    Here is the first 29er mountain bikes frame handmade in the USA by myself. One week of hard work, one week of sweat and blood to achieve this purple beast. More to come..
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  • Red Dead Redemtion

    I worked with Rockstar Games on the Red Dead Redemption User Interface. This videogames shipped in 2010 on Ps3 and Xbox 360. You'll find more details in my portfolio.
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  • Freeriding in San Diego is not a crime!

    TW (Ted Williams), also known as Meadowbrook, has been the center of controversy regarding it's rideability and it could potentially suffer the same closures we have seen at other local areas in the past (Flightline, Tunnels, etc.). My friend Italo and I (AKA MTB Locos) are doing some advocacy work with the various land managers so we can continue to ride these trails. I designed MTB Locos Visual Identity and I'm working on some goodies such as T-shirts, Stickers, Jerseys..etc.
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  • A Big Cloud

    I designed this cloud for my newborn son Mika.
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